UPDATED: Self-Proclaimed Facebook Half-Owner Paul Ceglia Draws Ire Of Judge

By David Cohen 

Paul Ceglia, the man who claims to own one-half of Facebook, drew the ire of U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York Judge Leslie Foschio Thursday, as the judge dismissed five motions filed by Ceglia, granting one filed by the social network, and gave Ceglia 10 days to persuade him why further sanctions should not be assessed for trying to delay the legal proceedings.

CNET reported that Foschio appears to be losing patience with Ceglia, often using strong language in explaining why he dismissed the motions, and saying that the “complete dearth of any evidence” supporting the motions, as well as the “requests to stay discovery pending resolution of such motions, gives rise to more than suspicion that such motions were filed solely to unreasonably and vexatiously multiply the proceedings, and especially to derail the schedule for the limited discovery of experts.”

According to CNET, in dismissing Ceglia’s motion that the court strike a report by an expert forensic document examiner for alleged perjury for failing to disclose previous case testimonies, Foschio said:

The construction urged by plaintiff of (the expert’s) testimony in the omitted cases is at best strained, and, more correctly, a gross misrepresentation, which would be detected by even the marginally literate.

And in rejecting Cegila’s motion to disqualify Facebook’s attorneys from the case for alleged conflict of interest, the judge called the allegations, “quixotic attempts to create issues where none exist,” and added, as reported by CNET:

To suggest, as plaintiff does, that the failure of one attorney of record to sign a particular document filed by another attorney for a party somehow implies the existence of a disagreement is a bald nonsequitur and specious.

Nine law firms don’t abandon a case unless there is a reason to jump ship.

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