Report: Success On The Field For MLB Teams Translates Into Success On Facebook

By David Cohen 

Success on the field translates into success in terms of adding Facebook likes for Major League Baseball teams, according to a new analysis from digital agency iStrategyLabs comparing likes at the All-Star Break of the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

iStrategyLabs said teams that participated in the 2011 postseason added an average of 48 percent more likes than teams that failed to qualify, with American League champion and World Series runner-up the Texas Rangers showing the largest increase by far, at 86 percent.

The two 2011 postseason teams that fell into the bottom half of the iStrategyLabs chart, the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays, may have reached saturation points following successful runs of a few years, although the poor season by the former may not be helping its Facebook efforts.

Perennial losers that are performing well this season also found themselves performing well in terms of Facebook likes, as the surprising first-place Washington Nationals and Pittsburgh Pirates placed second and fifth, respectively, with likes increasing 65 percent and 55 percent, respectively.

Despite currently sitting in last place in the National League East, the Miami Marlins were seventh on the iStrategyLabs chart, with 46 percent more likes than last season, which the agency attributed to the club’s rebranding from Florida Marlins to Miami Marlins, as well as its new ballpark and new uniforms.

The other last-place team with a strong Facebook showing, the Baltimore Orioles, are a much-improved squad and are only in last place due to playing in the toughest division in the league, the American League East.

However, fellow cellar dwellers the Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, and Minnesota Twins are all near the bottom (or, in the case of the Twins, at the bottom) in terms of Facebook likes gained.