Israeli Couple Names Their Baby Girl “Like”

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Back in February, the world raised an eyebrow as Egyptian Jamal Ibrahim named his newborn daughter “Facebook”, as a tribute to the role Facebook played in the revolution in Egypt.  Now, Israeli couple Lior and Vardit Adler have jumped on the Facebook-inspired baby names bandwagon, naming their baby “Like”.

Think “Like” is a strange name for a baby?  That’s sort of what the couple was going for.  According to Israeli news source Galgalatz,, (translated from Hebrew), Lior Adler stressed that it was important for him to give his daughter a name that was unique and that was one-of-a-kind, at least in Israel.  He said, “I wanted something unique.  At first I was looking at Chinese names, and considered the name Qing Yu Lang.  But in the end, my wife responded to Like”.  The Adlers are fans of unique names.  Their first two daughters are named Dvash (which is “Honey” in Hebrew) and Pie.

So what has the response been like so far?  Lior says that most people lift an eyebrow when they hear the name and can hardly believe it.  However, the clerk at the hospital that recorded his daughter’s name barely flinched when he told her the name.  He said, “Her lack of enthusiasm made me think I should change the name to something a bit more unusual.”  Though at the moment, I personally cannot think of something much more unusual than “Like”, and I don’t think that Lior Adler can either.  He says that he can’t imagine what kind of a name they would come up with if they had another child…it’s hard to 1-up “Like”.  He says, “If I have a son, I think I will just call him Moshe (Moses).”

Adler was sure to stress the fact that his family isn’t receiving any profits or benefits from Facebook because of the name choice and that, in fact, he didn’t intend for his daughter or her name to become a gimmick.  He and his wife genuinely like the meaning behind the name and hope that others will “like” it as much as they do.  He says, “I have very few friends on Facebook—only about 120.  So far only fifty of them “Like” Like.”  He jokingly adds that if the rest of his friends haven’t “Liked” Like by tomorrow…well, they won’t be his friends anymore.

What do you think of the Adlers new baby name pick?  How do you think little Like will be treated?  Let us know if you “Like” Like in the comments below!

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