Is the GPhone About to Take on the iPhone?

By Nick O'Neill Comment

According to TmoNews, reports of the GPhone being delayed may not be accurate and Google may still be planning to release their new phone in September. I’ve spoken to a number of people connected to the company and t least one has suggested that rumors of delays until next year are unfounded. If the OS is being released on the rumored HTC Dream (embedded below), Google may have a shot at taking on Apple.

The new phone resolves one of the primary issues with the iPhone: the lack of a keyboard. There are few other details but TmoNews does claim that the G1 (the name of the Google Phone) will cost $399 but T-Mobile customers will be able to grab it for $150 when it’s released. The battle is on to offer the most open platforms as Apple has done for mobile platforms what Facebook did for social platforms last May.

The coinciding reports about the GPhone release and T-Mobile’s rumored application directory which will compete with iTunes suggests that something is likely to happen in the near future. We are rapidly beginning to see the creation of a digital-mobile economy but in comparison to the Social Web Economy where ad networks are substantial players, ad networks may be less relevant.

The primary reason is that many of these applications already have monetization models based on software sales. Whether or not Google is about to enter the market immediately, it’s clear that the mobile industry has been shaken up by the launch of the iPhone. The next 12 to 24 months will be exciting as competitors race to adapt to the rapidly transforming market.