Is Dissatisfaction With ECommerce Good For Facebook Shopping?

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Consumer satisfaction with conventional ecommerce has reached its lowest level since 2004; so is that an opportunity for social shopping ventures to capitalize on?

A report from ForeSee Research indicates that satisfaction with electronic commerce had dropped by three percent (gasp!), and that’s the seven-year low. It seems like more of a cooling off than a real drop. And looking at the historical chart showing how the sentiment has changed over time shows that, people are more satisfied now than they were during the hype-filled year 2000. Granted, technology for shopping has improved since then, and that would likely affect people’s opinions about the experience.

Now the study makes reference to social marketing by one particular company:

Our research shows that E*TRADE’s customĀ­ers tend to be younger than the other firms included in the study. This demographic is more likely to interact with the firm through newer media like Facebook and mobile apps. If E*TRADE continues to measure and improve its interaction with this demographic through these channels, its satisfaction score should continue to increase.

Do you think people are really losing interest in shopping via websites because they’re more focused on social media, and if so, how might brands capitalize on this?