Interactive Infographic: Which Olympic Sponsors Are Winning The Social Video Race?

By Megan O'Neill 

The 2012 Olympics in London are just around the corner and, while the athletes are getting ready to complete, brands are already going neck and neck in what social video advertising platform Unruly is calling the “race for social video gold.”  Unruly has put together an awesome interactive infographic tracking the number of shares that each Olympic sponsor’s video content receives across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere, leading up to and through the Olympic games.

The interactive infographic answers the questions “Who’s Winning The Social Video Race?”  It tracks shares on videos from P&G, Adidas, Samsung, Coke, BMW, British Airways, Visa and Cadbury.  Currently P&G is in the lead with a total of 2.1 million shares, Adidas is in second place with 154,306 shares, and Samsung is in third with 89,028 shares.

The most-viewed Olympic video thus far is P&G London’s ‘Best Job’, a shout-out to the mothers of Olympic athletes.

Check out the interactive infographic below for updates on how the race is progressing (it is constantly updating with new stats) and to watch the other top videos.

To find out more about the infographic and how brands can use online video to ignite conversation, check out the video below from Unruly COO and Co-Founder Sarah Wood:

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