Instagram Photos Spur Raucus Protest in Sweden

By Cameron Scott 

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Photo: The Local

Instagram photos depicting girls alleged to be “sluts” led to a raucus protest  earlier today at a high school in Gothenburg, Sweden, according to a Swedish news report.

The protesters were “throwing bottles and stones at the police and attacking passers-by and people driving past,” a police spokesman told the local press.

The dust-up centered on an Instagram account that posted photos of “sluts” in the area. The account holder had promised anyone sending photos with information about “sluts” that she wouldn’t reveal their identities. (The authorities believe the user was a high school girl.) More than 200 pictures were eventually posted, complete with names of those depicted and the sexual activities in which they allegedly engaged. The girls pictured were mostly in their early teens.

The Instagram account reportedly garnered upwards of 7,000 followers before it was shut down.

After the account was shuttered, some heated exchanges took place on a related Facebook page. A Facebook event was subsequently created to organize the protest. Roughly 600 indicated they would attend, according the the news report.