Digital Photo Frame Instacube Adds Facebook Support After Reaching $500K On Kickstarter

By David Cohen 

There are a half-million reasons why photos from Facebook are now supported by digital photo frame device Instacube.

Instacube developer D2M | Design to Matter used Kickstarter to fund its work on the device, and the company announced Tuesday that since it reached its stretch goal of $500,000, it would add support for Facebook photos.

The initial asking target for Instacube on Kickstarter was $250,000, and its first stretch goal was $400,000. The device was initially created as a “living canvas” for Instagram images, and a black-and-white edition was unleashed when its Kickstarter total reached $400,000.

The device is available for pre-order via Kickstarter for $149 through Sept. 21. Designer John Whaley said:

We are very excited to be able to offer our backers Facebook photos. Instacube has presented a whole new way to appreciate artsy Instagrams, and Facebook photo integration now opens up an even bigger window into our daily lives. Real-time sharing just got a whole lot better.

D2M CEO Andy Butler added:

User-experience-driven innovation is about having a real time dialog between power users, designers, and technologists. It is an unpredictable, exciting process that generates innovations like Instacube and features like adding Facebook. Kickstarter is way more than crowd funding. It is UX innovation on steroids.

Readers: Have you ever used Kickstarter to help fund any tech projects?