INFOGRAPHIC: The Secret to Content Marketing

By Justin Lafferty Comment

Wondering how to make your content go viral, getting into several different networks? You might just be making a key mistake, such as lacking a directed strategy.

If you’re looking for some ideas for stronger content marketing, Bloomfire recently created an infographic, shown below, showing the struggles and solutions.

Bloomfire’s Jodi Bart Holzband blogged about the importance of a culture of content:

A culture of content is an organizational environment and attitude that embraces and evangelizes the importance of content marketing and internal knowledge sharing across the entire enterprise. A business that achieves an internal culture of content is one that inspires employees—not just those in marketing—to create content for both internal and external consumption. It’s a place where, as Ann Handley of MarketingProfs says, “Everybody writes.”

Handley’s thesis is that every member of an organization can be, and should be, a valuable content contributor. Her advice for those who see themselves as “bad” writers and who are therefore hesitant to contribute: “Just barf up what you want to say, and then reshape it into something that benefits your reader.” Though humorously phrased, the guidance is sound. A business seeking to foster a culture of content must clear away barriers to sharing and enable knowledge-holders’ ability to get what they know out there for the benefit of others inside and outside the organization.