INFOGRAPHIC: 18 Steps for Facebook Contests

By David Cohen 

ShortStack18ContestTipsTeaser650The holiday season is approaching, bringing with it the prime season for brands running contests on Facebook. On that note, Facebook application creator ShortStack shared 18 tips for building social media contests, in infographic form.

Far more detail is available in the infographic, which is also embedded below, but ShortStack’s 18 tips are:

  1. Set goals.
  2. Choose a campaign builder with three essential features (flexibility, embeddable capabilities, mobile readiness).
  3. Make sure the campaign builder is budget-friendly.
  4. Familiarize yourself with Facebook’s policies and guidelines.
  5. Design the right type of contest.
  6. Pick a relevant prize.
  7. Make it worthwhile.
  8. Create hashtags for your contest.
  9. Know what you want.
  10. Action-gate your contest.
  11. Keep it simple.
  12. Incentivize people to share more.
  13. Encourage entrants to follow you on social media.
  14. Tell the world about it.
  15. Advertise.
  16. Mine the data.
  17. Follow up.
  18. Be consistent.

Readers: Anything to add?

Image of 18 on stone courtesy of Shutterstock.