INFOGRAPHIC: How First-Time Job Seekers on Facebook Should Manage Their Photos

By David Cohen 

DrinkingAndDriving650Facebook users about to join the work force for the first time: The photo above is not a wise choice for your profile picture on Facebook (and probably shouldn’t be posted at all, but that’s another argument for another day), and you should probably examine its privacy settings in order to ensure that no potential employers see it.

Facebook prepared the infographic below to help job seekers ensure that potential employers do not come across any content on the social network that may prompt red flags to be raised.

Among Facebook’s suggestions:

  • Ensure that your profile picture “represents the best version of you.”
  • For photos that you uploaded, you can change the audience or delete the images altogether.
  • For photos uploaded by other users, you can untag yourself or ask the user to delete them.

The social network also reminded users that photos with a privacy setting of friends can be viewed by other users who are tagged in those photos, as well as their friends, and provided this link to a page in its Help Center.

Readers: Any other suggestions?