INFOGRAPHIC: Back To School Often Means Back To Facebook Cyber-Bullying

By David Cohen 

The words “back to school” make some kids even more unhappy than others, as returning to the classroom often coincides with returning to being the victim of bullying, and a recent study by McAfee found that Facebook is the most prominent vehicle of the cyber form of such behavior.

According to McAfee’s 2012 Teen Internet Behavior Study, 92.6 percent of teens surveyed said they have witnessed cyber-bullying on Facebook, far outpacing the other social networks, although, in all fairness, the most popular social network is an obvious choice to be cited the most. Facebook was trailed by:

Other findings by McAfee included:

  • Nearly 25 percent of teen respondents said they were targets of cyber-bullying, and two-thirds witnessed cruel behavior online.
  • Only one out of 10 parents were aware that their teen children could be cyber-bullying targets.
  • 40 percent of teens have tried to stop cyber-attacks on others, while 20.7 percent told adults, and 6.3 percent joined in.
  • 65.8 percent of victims responded to their attackers, including 35 percent in person, while 15.4 percent avoided school, and 4.5 percent ended up in physical fights with their attackers.