IFTTT Adds Channels, Triggers And Embeddable Recipes

By Mary C. Long 

If you’ve heard people talk about IFTTT but have yet to check it out – now is the time. Sure, it’s a new language to learn as it functions in terms of triggers and recipes, but it’s SO worth it. Here’s why:

Without getting too ‘in the weeds’ about IFTTT specifics and scaring you off, we’ll ask some practical questions.

Would you like to keep a list of all your tweets? Why would you do this? Maybe you’d like to resend them at some point because you’re a savvy marketer and realize that doing that makes sense!

Or maybe you’d like to share your tweets to Facebook, but only those marked with a #fb hashtag? Well, you’d probably find THESE options handy (via Twitter triggers):

Or maybe you’d find these actions interesting? (These are recipes – and a few of MANY available):

If you’re starting to like how the folks at IFTT think and the time-saving potential this site offers, you’ll love this latest update: The ability to embed recipes anywhere you can manipulate HTML. (If you can’t imagine the possibilities here, you aren’t thinking hard enough.)

You can create your own recipes using tons of available channels and triggers – or you can use any of the publicly available recipes already made. And did we mention, it’s FREE? Yup, it is.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Share it in the comments!

(Image from IFTTT)