Hulu Users Can No Longer Automatically Share Videos To Facebook

By David Cohen 

Web video portal Hulu is eliminating the ability for its users to share videos they have watched to their Facebook feeds, although Hulu users will still be able to manually share content they have consumed.

Hulu announced the move in a post in its help section, saying it would be implemented soon, and only offering this vague explanation:

In an ever-expanding effort to provide the best video-streaming experience, we also want to incorporate the best tools to share those videos. After observing how our viewers have used this feature, feedback indicated that people prefer the experience of expressly sharing content, and that’s the direction we’re moving in now.

Hulu stressed that users could still share videos to Facebook by clicking on Facebook buttons located below videos or when hovering over videos. The video site added that videos can also be shared to the social network via iOS and Android devices, as well as other Hulu Plus-connected mobile devices.

Readers: Why do you think Hulu is removing its Facebook auto-share feature?