Facebook Developer Advocate: HTML5 ‘Needs To Prove Itself’ On Mobile

By Justin Lafferty 

Last month at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco, Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said one of the biggest mistakes the company made was relying too much on HTML5. Apparently, the technology still hasn’t made many fans within the social network. At an Apps World panel in London, Facebook Developer Advocate Simon Cross said that HTML5 is great on desktop but has some work to do on mobile platforms.

Facebook is still supportive of HTML5 technology, but the social network recognizes that it isn’t perfect. Cross, who spoke on a panel titled “Is HTML5 the Future?” was asked to discuss the statements Zuckerberg made at Disrupt:

I think we have to separate HTML5 on the desktop Web from HTML5 on the mobile Web. On the desktop, it is like done. It is awesome, and it’s the future. On mobile, it could be the future, but like any good technology, it needs to prove itself.

Computer World pointed out that Facebook still does a lot on the HTML5 platform, so its success is directly tied into that of the social network. Although Facebook’s mobile influence is rapidly growing, more people still access the HTML5-enabled desktop site.

Cross noted that three things are holding back HTML5-based mobile apps: performance (speed and access to native features), distribution, and monetization — the most important one.

Readers: If you’re a developer, what else do you desire from HTML5?