How Twitter Employees Send Their Tweets (Compared To You, Me And Everybody Else)

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Using Twitter’s API, Business Insider have tapped into the last few thousand tweets of the official Twitter employee list and determined the source – that is, the specific software client used to send those tweets – and crunched the numbers, and the results are pretty interesting.

As you would expect, the Twitter staff member’s client of choice appears to be Or, at least, ‘web’. That’s fairly non-specific, because we know that the that the company’s employees use has a lot more ‘nifty features’ than the stinky old grey husk that the rest of us are lumbered with, as Twitter’s then-lead engineer Alex Payne (@al3x) confirmed over a year ago.

(Btw, that tweet has now been deleted, but believe me, he said it. I was there.)

OK – so isn’t really stinky, but it doesn’t exactly hold its own against the likes of HootSuite. And one would imagine that working at Twitter places somewhat of a demand on actually using Twitter, and that other clients are probably, if not banned, then likely frowned upon (Biz Stone strikes me as the sort of person who knows how to work an eyebrow), so you’ve got to assume those features are pretty stellar.

That said, a recent Sysomos poll suggested that 35.4% of tweets from regular folk come via, too. But that’s a bit like observing that a third of all people tend to eat the same meals every week, or only listen to music on the radio. Statistically significant, perhaps, but not exactly surprising.

In second place is Twitter for iPhone, and Twitter for Mac and the Tweet button occupy spots 3 and 4, which means Twitter has a 79% hold on its workforce. (Although the Tweet button is non-specific and could well be Tweetmeme a lot of the time. But there goes Biz and that eyebrow again.)

Here’s your pretty chart.

Standouts? TweetDeck at lowly 2%, below even FourSquare. And that ‘other’ piece of pie has to be made up of Ubermedia clients, much to Stone’s endless chagrin.

Compare this to the aforementioned Sysomos study on the preferred Twitter clients of the common or garden public (i.e., you and me).

Here, Twitter’s stamp-of-approval clients make up just 58% of all submitted tweets, while Ubersocial (16.4%) and TweetDeck (13.1%) have almost 30% between them. I mean 9.2% use Echofon, for Dorsey’s sake. No wonder Twitter doesn’t have their back anymore.

(But where’s my precious HootSuite? I hope going pro hasn’t come back to bite them on the tawny.)

There are a couple of things you have to remember:

  1. Business Insider polled just 2700 tweets, while Sysomos waxed the hair off of 25 million
  2. It’s probably more important where tweets are read than where they are sent (certainly from an advertising perspective)
  3. There will be data released within the next 2-3 months that completely discounts all of the above (but don’t worry, it will be all good again 2-3 months after that)

In other words, this is, as per usual, three parts speculative, one part guesswork and one part blindly pinning the tail on the donkey. Still, much like anything else in the wide, wide world of Twitter, if and until we get a bonafide, official data release from the boys at the top, this will always be about as much as we can ever hope for.

Shea Bennett is co-editor at the Social Times sister blog, AllTwitter.

(Source: Business Insider.)