How To Make Your Google Sites Website Mobile Browser Friendly (Android & iOS)

By Todd Ogasawara Comment

Before & after views of a Google Sites page in a mobile browser

If you’ve been wondering how to create a web site that automatically configures itself for desktop and mobile viewing, wonder no more, Google has a simple and free option for you to consider.

Automatic mobile rendering for Google Sites

Google Sites is a somewhat wiki-like web product that lets you easily create websites. Google provides a variety of web widgets you can use to create a highly functional web presence. Google Sites was not, however, particularly friendly to browsers on mobile devices like Android phones or the iPhone. Google just fixed this problem with a new setting option that can automatically adjust your Google Site for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) browsers. Here’s how you can find the setting.

1. Go to your Google Sites page
2. Select the “More actions” pull down menu button in the upper right hand area
3. Select “Manage site”
4. Look in the left sidebar for the “Site settings” section.
5. Select “General”
6. Scroll down until you see “Mobile” in the list of settings
7. Select the checkbox next to it that is labeled “Automatically adjust site to mobile phones”
8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Save changes” button

The Google Site with this setting option turned on should now look much better on Android or iOS devices.