HootSuite Launches Social Media Security Services Following Twitter Hackings

By Tim Sohn 

HootSuite Security ServicesSeveral big-name publishers and brands have recently seen their Twitter accounts hacked, including The Onion, NPR, Financial Times, Associated Press, E! Online, the BBC, Agence France-Press, Burger King, and Jeep. In response, today, social media management firm HootSuite is launching HootSuite Security Services to help brands prevent social media attacks.

HootSuite Security Services includes:

A social asset audit by social media security experts, which provides a corporate access control map of user access and permission levels for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+;
Secure profiles, which ensures employees don’t post messages to the wrong social accounts; and
Instant denial of access to social media accounts following hackings.

In addition, HootSuite Security Services provides Twitter alerts, notifications that an unapproved source has published a post. It will also generate a list of approved applications for posting, such as HootSuite iPhone app or HootSuite Dashboard. If there is a breach, an alert is delivered to designated users including publishing source, sender, and the contents of the tweet.

The services also include crisis training and simulation, which provide a review of brands’ current crisis response plans, trains employees, and provides a simulation of a social media crisis for hands-on training.

TELUS, a provider of wireless and internet services in Canada, has used HootSuite Security Services.

“Our social channels are fast becoming the voice of our organization and for that reason we need to protect them, in the same way we protect our brand. The HootSuite Security Services are solid means of taking that protection into our own hands,” said Nick Culo, vice president of corporate communications. “From simple password and account security best practices, to more complex measures like the crisis simulation, we feel more secure knowing our social profiles have been through the certification process.”

For more information, go to http://socialbusiness.hootsuite.com/hootsuite-security-services.html