HootSuite Adds Yammer to App Directory

By Neil Vidyarthi 

HootSuite, the all-in-one social media management tool, has added Yammer to its App Directory. The new app will allow Yammer users and managers to manage their accounts and reply to threads without leaving HootSuite. As a longtime user of Yammer, I’ve seen the service grow in leaps and bounds over the last year, and it is now a turnkey solution to get a quick Twitter-like social network up and running for you and your team. I’m also a HootSuite user, so this speeds up my workflow considerably.

Users will be able to look at their Yammer feeds, inbox or groups from within HootSuite, and be able to post content to Yammer with just a click. I personally use the HootSuite Chrome extension which allows me to easily share the page I’m currently viewing with various social networks including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’ll now be able to share with Yammer, as well.

The full list of functionality is given below:

Using Yammer within HootSuite

  • View Feeds: View your Home, Company, Conversations, and Private Messages feeds, in addition to feeds for all Groups you are a member of.
  • Post Updates and Attachments: Post updates with file attachments to your Company and Group feeds.
  • View and Reply to Posts: View likes, replies, and attachments for all status updates, then Like and reply to engage with each.
  • Find Content: Search for content in your networks and groups

This is just the latest in a series of great improvements by Yammer and HootSuite, so if you’re managing any sort of social media presence, give both these tools a try. Check out the blog post here for more¬†information.