HootSuite Acquires Firefox Add-On TwitterBar

By Neil Glassman Comment

Keeping social media management efficient and fun usually means keeping an eye out for ways to save clicks and keystrokes.

HootSuite today announced its acquisition of TwitterBar. Rebranded HootBar and available for immediate download, this add-on for the Firefox 4 browser allows users to post to social profiles directly from the web address bar. It functions with Firefox 4 on both web and Android mobile platforms

TwitterBar has over 1.9 million installations. Licensed under the GPL v2, it was initially created by Tony Farndon and developed by Christopher Finke.

According to HootSuite, the transition from TwitterBar to HootBar gives users more options for spreading messages across multiple networks. Here’s how it works: The user types a message in the web address bar and appends one of several commands, such as posting directly to Twitter; opening the message in Hootlet; or posting from multiple accounts. Hootlet offers additional functionality including pre-populating a message with the shortened URL of the current page.

“Since launching our Freemium business model last November, we’ve reached a cash flow positive milestone,” explains HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes. “This revenue enables us to continue to improve and expand with acquisitions like TwitterBar in order to provide enhanced tools for our power and SME user base. We look forward to building a relationship with the Firefox community and developers with this easy way of publishing to social media channels.”

Today’s announcement comes soon after Hootsuite announced social analytics and, for its enterprise version, secure profiles. In its media advisory on the TweetBar acquisition, HootSuite cited the Social Times’ post on the April Fools announcement of “Happy Owls” as one of its favorites.

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