Hearsay Social Launches Content Exchange With Demand Media, Tribune Media Services, Thomson Reuters

By David Cohen 

Social sales and marketing software provider Hearsay Social announced the launch of content-curation platform Content Exchange, with Demand Media, Tribune Media Services, and Thomson Reuters already on board as content partners.

Hearsay Social customers will have access to:

  • The full selection of lifestyle content from Demand Media, including eHow, Livestrong, and Cracked.com.
  • The ability to work with TMS to secure access to content from its stable of writers and brands via a suite of custom publishing solutions for media and corporate publishers.
  • Existing Thomson Reuters subscribers to Context Exchange will be able to access and curate premium content and create multiple channels inside of their Hearsay Social Content Library.

Content Exchange allows brand managers to populate their brands’ profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn with engaging content including financial news, entertainment news, photos, videos, and lifestyle articles.

Brands using Content Exchange can:

  • Discover, curate, and publish third-party articles, videos, and blog content designed for social media.
  • Discover, sort, and browse content relevant to their brands by location, date, or topic.
  • Add their brands’ point-of-view to inject their brands’ personalities.
  • Post or schedule to multiple social networks simultaneously.
  • Measure engagement through likes, comments, and retweets.

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih said:

With 82 percent of online users accessing social networking sites, social marketing content has become a critical battleground in the quest for customer mindshare and brand differentiation. We are thrilled to partner with the leading global providers of content to empower marketers to achieve return on investment on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus.

TMS General Manager for News and Features James Pinnick added:

Brands continue to discover the value of providing useful, relevant content from trusted and authentic voices to their customers. We are delighted to work with Hearsay Social to enable brands to publish content as a means to engage and drive customer loyalty through various media.