George Washington University Students Document Poor Housing Conditions On Facebook Page

By David Cohen 

Students at George Washington University who were fed up with the conditions of their housing created a Facebook page, GW Housing Horrors, to document their gripes and get school officials to address their issues, Business Insider reported.

The page is populated with photos documenting issues such as a bathroom sink spewing sewage, a collapsed bathroom ceiling, and dirty air filters

GW Housing Horrors got the school’s attention, as GWU posted on the page:

The university is very concerned about this. This is not the experience we want our summer residents to have. We are reviewing our maintenance practices and how our staff interacts with summer residents.

The about section of the GW Housing Horrors page reads:

This page was created with the intent of exposing the true state of GW campus housing. Our goal is to bring attention to GW’s blatant negligence and irresponsible housing practices.

GW’s Summer and Conference Housing website states: “For more than 35 years, George Washington University has provided safe, convenient summer accommodations for individual interns and groups.” Nothing could be further from the truth. This page is intended to be a forum for individuals to share their experiences with GW housing.

From continual leaks, broken lights, filthy rooms, and mold, to inoperative appliances, and unaccommodating housing staff … GW housing has been a true nightmare.

With a price tag of close to $400 per week, we expect more and deserve more from GW.

Please, if you have any photos or stories from your time at GW, share them on this page. We have exhausted all other resources and have attempted to address our concerns to GW housing staff. However, we have been stonewalled, and receive nothing more than simple apologies for what has been deemed an “inconvenience.” We hope that this page will prevent GW from taking advantage of future students and interns in need of safe and convenient housing.

Readers: Do you know of any other examples where Facebook was used as a tool in resolving gripes between two parties?