Guess Who’s Coming to Photo-Sharing?

By Cameron Scott 

photo sharing, social media, social networks, app.netThe old capitalist saw has it that competition drives innovation, and users are certainly seeing a lot of competition among photo-sharing services of late.

Today, joined the party, innovating chiefly on the ad-based business model its commercial competitors embrace. offers a subscription-based service for developers and individual users. In exchange for monthly payments, users get an ad-free experience and developers gain the certainty that they won’t find themselves locked out of a walled garden ecosystem. ( owes its existence to Twitter’s increasingly constrained access to its platform through APIs.)

Today, the startup began offering up to 10 gigabytes of storage space for its API users. The storage will allow users to share files through’s microblogging and messaging services.

“Imagine a world in which your messages, photos and videos were easier to work with. For instance, imagine you could try out a new photo sharing service without having to move all of your photos and online connections,” wrote founder Dalton Caldwell.*

With file storage and an open API, brings users “one step closer to that vision,” Caldwell said.

The company expects photo sharing to be among the likely uses of the server space, and has added a photo uploading interface to its microblogging Twitter competitor, Alpha.

It will also add file-sharing support to its messaging service, Omega, taking it into another lively area of software development, collaboration.

*Ed note: is still mostly geared to developers, so SocialTimes lightly edited the statement to make it understandable, we hope, to an average user.