YouTube Marketing Expert Greg Jarboe On Why Online Video Is A MUST For Your Brand

By Megan O'Neill 

These days more and more brands are jumping on the online video bandwagon, but a surprising number still have yet to catch on.  I had the opportunity to interview YouTube marketing expert Greg Jarboe, who told me why every brand or business should be using online video and offered up some advice on what marketers can do to maximize the success of their online video campaigns.

Greg Jarboe is many things, among them President of SEO-PR Inc., a columnist for Search Engine Watch and ReelSEO, and the author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day, a huge guide with virtually everything you need to now about video marketing and YouTube.

I asked Greg how he first became interested in online video and YouTube.  He told me, “In August 2006, SEO-PR started a project for The Christian Science Monitor, which was preparing to publish ‘Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story.’  When we started pitching the story to online media and influential blogs, we kept getting asked, ‘Do you guys have any video?’  So, we uploaded a short video clip to YouTube and that helped us to get stories in Yahoo News, MSNBC, CNN, AOL News, The Huffington Post and Boing Boing.  Within the first 24 hours after the series went live, there were 247 news stories and 1,014 blog posts about ‘Jill Carroll.’  And within the first 24 hours, more than 450,000 unique visitors flooded, seven times its daily average in July.  And page views broke through the 1 million mark, a massive increase from the site’s July average of 121,247 page views per day.”  Sufficed to say, Greg was hooked.

Why Your Brand Needs Online Video

If the anecdote above wasn’t enough to convince you, I asked Greg to elaborate on why businesses and brands should jump on the online video bandwagon, if they haven’t already.  He told me, “According to the DoubleClick Ad Planner, gets 880 million unique visitors a month worldwide and 1870 million in just the United States.  So yes, I think that online video is a must for businesses and brands.  And since any business or brand can use YouTube’s targeting options to connect to an audience of millions in all the most popular demographics and affinities, even those that are hard to find elsewhere, you’ve asked the right question:  Why haven’t most businesses and brands jumped on the YouTube bandwagon already?

“I think there are two explanations.  First, some national advertisers are limiting themselves to running advertising against only ‘premium’ video content.  But viewers are watching ‘popular’ video content.  Whether it’s produced by amateurs or professionals, it’s all just video content to viewers.  This means that some national advertisers are making a distinction without a difference.  Does it really matter if talented and entrepreneurial YouTube partners are building the next generation of media companies in bedrooms, garages, or studios across the globe?

“Second, many smaller businesses don’t realize that they can build customer relationships and drive more customers to their business with YouTube.  They don’t realize  that they are leaving money on the table.  That’s why I seek out and write case studies about smaller businesses that have used YouTube to make the cash register ring.”

So why should your brand be using online video as a marketing tool?  The real question is, can you come up with a good excuse why you aren’t already?

How To Maximize Your Online Video Success

I asked Greg, if he had to pick the top three pieces of advice that he could give to a marketer to help maximize the success of their online video campaign or presence, what would they be?  He told me, “Marketers need people to discover, watch and share their videos.  So they need to focus on publishing and optimization, programming and production, as well as community and social media.”

Greg offers up a whole lot more in the way of tips and information in his book, YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day and suggests that folks that find the length of his 473-page book to daunting check out the 73-page YouTube Creator Playbook.  Greg will also be speaking at the “Next Gen YouTube Marketing” session on March 21 at SES New York 2012, answering questions about running a successful video marketing campaign.

Is your brand utilizing online video yet?  If not, why the heck aren’t you?

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.