Google+’s First Privacy Error for the Social Network Platform

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Barely out of the incubator, Google+ has experienced its first major privacy complaint. The Financial Times are the ones who discovered the error and reported it. There is a slight bug where users “reshare” any content with anyone. Even if the Circle is private, users can still “reshare” anyone’s content.

Mark Weinberger at ZDnet reported the way the error works is that anyone can take any content in your stream such as photos of someone else and post it on a “Family’s Circle”. Simply by clicking the “reshare” button an option appears where you can post the photo on anyone else’s Circle. Apparently, you can even make the photos public. The function is similar to Twitter’s “retweet” or Tumblr’s “reblog” buttons.

Some users thought they had a solution where they could disable the button for individual posts prior to going live, but when it is published the content is free game. Unfortunately, users are not able to turn off the button completely within their own settings.

Weinberger seems a little harsh about the privacy error. But, we don’t have to get all tweaked about the error because it is a good thing that Google+ is still in its testing mode. Currently, a partial fix is now available. Users can use a drop-down menu, which has been enabled to disable “reshare” after a post has been uploaded.

All is well with social media when mending can take place quickly.