Google Plus Announces Redesign One Day Before Facebook’s News Feed Announcement

By David Cohen 

What a coincidence: The day before Facebook is set to reveal changes to its news feed, rival social network Google Plus revealed a redesign of its profile pages.

Google Plus Product Manager Sara McKinley announced the changes on — where else — a post on her Google Plus page, and they include a local reviews tab, more flexibility in editing users’ information under the about tab, and larger cover photos. Here are more details from McKinley’s post:

A new tab for your local reviews: In addition to your photos, +1’s, and YouTube videos, there’s now a place for all your local reviews. Highlight your favorite restaurants, or hide the tab completely via settings — it’s completely up to you.

An easier way to edit your info: The “About” tab now consists of separate cards (like story, places, and links) — each with its own prominent edit link. As always: you can share specific fields with specific circles, or keep them just for you.

Bigger cover photos, with a better aspect ratio: Cover photos are much larger than before (up to 2,120 pixels by 1,192 px), and they display in 16×9 when fully expanded. This way, more images can be used as cover photos, and there’s more room for your selection to shine.

Readers: Do you think Google Plus’ announcement was an attempt to steal Facebook’s thunder?