Google Opens New Start-up Community Center in Israel

By Devon Glenn 

Google has opened a new community center in Israel where entrepreneurs and developers can meet to work on new projects. The Campus is located in the heart of the entrepreneurial community in downtown Tel Aviv.

Here’s a summary of what’s inside:

We offer a space for developers and entrepreneurs to attend and organize events with speakers, mentors and other entrepreneurs; a “hack space” and device library to develop and test new ideas; and “launchpad”, a two-week boot camp for early stage start-ups helping with subjects including user interface, product strategy & technology, marketing, business development and more.

Tel Aviv is the largest center of tech start-ups outside of Silicon Valley. The internet makes of 6.4 percent of Israel’s gross domestic product, which has earned the country the moniker “startup-nation.”

Notable companies that have come out of the greater Tel Aviv area include Wibiya, which was acquired by Conduit in 2011; and Kenshoo, which provides marketing software for Facebook and recently raised $12 million in funding.

Wrote Google’s Amir Shevat in a blog post, “In 1998, when Larry and Sergey founded Google, we were a start-up in a garage. In many ways, we remain a start-up at heart, and we’re committed to helping new entrepreneurs and developers around the world succeed. We hope that Campus Tel Aviv will contribute to future Israeli tech innovation and, in doing so, make the web and the mobile space better.”