Google Glass Code Would Let Users Snap Photos by Winking

By Cameron Scott 

google, glass, google glassIf a geek wearing Google Glass winks at you, he might also be snapping a picture for posterity, according to code unearthed by a developer using the Reddit user name Fodawin.

(Use of the male pronoun in the preceding sentence was fully intentional and accurate, despite Google’s best efforts of late to dissociate Glass from geeky male programmers.)

The code indicates that the eyeglass-shaped computer may soon support integrate gestural controls, including allowing users to take a photograph by simply winking.

The user found the code that would power such functionality “deep in the companion app” Google has released with its beta-testing Glass units.

“Winking to take a picture with Glass? That sounds a bit creepy,” said Fodawin.

The creepy factor would seem to stem from the fact that the passerby wouldn’t know that a picture was being taken of him or her. Yet, at least for the time being, Google Glass isn’t exactly an inconspicuous fashion accessory.

Several other gesture-driven functions lie dormant in the code, according to Fodawin. They include two-finger zoom to get a closer look at a browser page that only the wearer can see.

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