Google Gets a New Privacy Director

By Cameron Scott 

google, privacy, google plus, social media, social networks, Lawrence You will replace Alma Whitten as director of privacy at Google, the company said today.

You, an 8-year employee at the company, has already been in a leadership role on the privacy team. He will assume command of the company’s privacy efforts from its Mountain View, California, headquarters. Whitten is based in London.

Most of the company’s more controversial projects, including Street View, have come out of Mountain View.

“During her 10 years at Google, Alma has done so much to improve our products and protect our users. The privacy and security teams, and everyone else at Google, will continue this hard work to ensure that our users’ data is kept safe and secure,” the company said in a statement.

Like Whitten, You comes from a software engineering background. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California at Santa Cruz.