GetGlue Integrates Foursquare: Check-In To What You’re Watching Where You’re Watching

By Megan O'Neill Comment

This week social entertainment check-in app GetGlue has got some big announcements. They’ve revamped their iPhone app, as well as the GetGlue website, have opened up their platform to Sports check-ins and have officially integrated Foursquare. Now you can do more than just check-in to what you’re watching. You can check-in to where you’re watching it. Are you watching the San Antonio Spurs at your favorite sports bar? Are you watching ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’ at the AMC Empire in Times Square? Now you can let your friends know.

According to the GetGlue blog, “Checking-in to content and location is both meaningful and convenient. A lot of times you want to share what you are doing at the location, and this release of GetGlue makes it really easy. First, you can select what you are doing and then you pick the location using Foursquare.” You can then simultaneously post your check-in to GetGlue and Foursquare. I think this is a cool new feature not only because people have become obsessed these days with letting their networks know where they are at any given moment, but it has really great social implications as well. Say, for instance, that you are watching a football game at your favorite sports bar. By checking-in, friends in the area who want to watch the game too know where you are and can come and join you.

And speaking of sports, sports fans on GetGlue will be happy to learn that they can now check-in to their favorite sporting events, and even earn stickers related to their favorite teams and earn “GetGlue Fan” and “Superfan” status. Checking-in to sports is the same as checking=in to TV shows, music and movies. The more times you check in to a specific team, the higher fan status you will earn. Check out some of the GetGlue sports stickers below.

GetGlue also announced that they have launched a new redesign of the iPhone app. In the new app you’ll notice that the check-in screen has a new look and now includes everything from Recent Activity to Fan Club, Specials, Available Stickers and a shortcut to Similar. You’ll also find new Suggestions and Quick Rate screens, new Profile and Home screens, larger Sticker images and more. Find out more on the GetGlue blog.

You’ll also notice a major update to, making it easier to check-in, and easier to see what your friends are watching, listening to and reading. Check it out and let us know, what do you think of the new redesign. Do you think you’ll use the new GetGlue Foursquare integration to let your friends know what you’re watching, where you’re watching?