Event App Gather Rides Facebook, Twitter Social Graphs

By David Cohen 

The boys on MTV reality hit “Jersey Shore” have “the shirt before the shirt,” and now, Facebook and Twitter users have “the check-in before the check-in” thanks to new iPhone and Android application Gather.

Gather was created by developers Mikeal Rogers (Yammer, CouchOne, Mozilla) and Max Ogden (open Web, Code for America), and Rogers told TechCrunch they originally set out to code an “achievement engine for the real world,” before switching gears and focusing on creating a meet-up tool for Facebook and Twitter.

Rogers told TechCrunch Gather is not intended to be a social network, as it runs on top of users’ social graphs on Facebook and Twitter, adding that it was also not designed as a competitor to more robust event platforms such as Eventbrite, Meetup, and Cvent, with Rogers saying:

Those have a lot of infrastructure behind them. We don’t even require an end time for an event. You just put in a start time, a place from Foursquare, and a name for it, and you’re ready to go. We really wanted to be much more lightweight. What a tweet is to blogging, we are to Meetup.com.

Rogers told TechCrunch he and Ogden don’t have a business model for Gather yet, saying:

The business model will be really evident, it will be really obvious, and just let that happen, and don’t come into that with any preconceptions.

Readers: Does Gather seem like a useful utility?