Gannett Buys Facebook Ad Software Company Blinq Media

By Justin Lafferty 

Companies aren’t just taking Facebook’s brightest minds, they’re also acquiring entities that are based on the social network. Not long after Google purchased Wildfire Interactive, media company Gannett has reportedly purchased Blinq Media, a Facebook advertising software and service company. TechCrunch reported that the sale price is $92 million over the course of three to four years.

The deal, according to TechCrunch, is still pending, but should close by the end of the month. The blog explained what Blinq means to Gannett:

Gannett is looking to Blinq, which has built up a profitable Facebook ads API business, to become its equivalent of The Washington Post Co.’s SocialCode, its social media marketing and analytics agency (which picked up 15 Digg engineers in May). Gannett and Blinq, TechCrunch understands, have already been working together for about one year on ad campaigns for advertising clients, primarily via those brands’ agencies. This will bring more of that expertise in-house.

Blinq is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in the areas of ads and insights. The company’s CEO, Dave Williams, spoke with AllFacebook earlier this year about Facebook’s marketing program. Williams explained how Blinq has been tied with Facebook since 2009.

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