Gaia Online Creates Virtual Goods To Aid Japan

By Azam Khan Comment

Gaming company Gaia Online has stepped up to the bat to benefit Red Cross’ aid efforts in Japan by pledging to match up to $10,000 worth of virtual gifts. More after the jump.

Japan has been recently hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck right off its coast, causing a massive tsunami and aftershocks that have left the region in major distress. Buildings in Tokyo were shook and trains were stopped as black smoke filled the air. With nuclear radiation also becoming an issue now, Gaia Online has taken notice and measurable steps towards contributing to aid for Japan.

This effort is largely due to the care and concern of the Gaia Online community that’s comprised of 8 million young adults. The online community is generally active on the forums discussing everything from social gaming to anime culture. Gaians affinity to Japanese style comics known as Manga and celebrated comic events make them the perfect starting point for such a charitable effort.

There are 3 specific items being sold:

  • The Emblem of Kannon shows your support for the victims of the earthquake; when you buy this item, we’ll donate the one dollar cost to the Red Cross.
  • The Coat of Kannon is a handsome coat to match the handsome contribution of five dollars that will go to the Red Cross.
  • The Halo of Kannon is a glowing halo bestowed as a token of your generosity. The ten dollars spent on this item will go toward helping those affected by earthquake. Halos have a special significance at Gaia; using one here represents how much this event means to us.

We recently covered RockYou’s efforts as it empowered its Zoo World community to raise money for Australian flood victims. We’ve also seen others in the space like Zynga helping create a school in Haiti and also PapayaMobile’s recent partnership with AppsForGood to create publicly useful apps. Kudos to the Gaians for their noble endeavor!