Friday Morning Laughs – Get RickRoll’d By The Cast Of Mad Men

By Megan O'Neill 

Friday is here (hooray!) and we’re here to usher you through into the weekend with a smile on your face.  This week’s Friday Morning Laughs funny video roundup features the cast of Mad Men “singing” Never Gonna Give You Up, an awesome Bad Lip Reading of Twilight, a couple Gangnam Style videos (of course), a cute baby and more.  Enjoy!

Mad Men Perform Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up

Like the renditions of Baby Got Back and Hello “sung by the movies,” this awesome video cuts together a Mad Men tribute to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, made entirely of dialogue from the show.

“Edward and Bella” – A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight

The latest edition of Bad Lip Reading has got to be my favorite video of the week, and the 3.5 million views that it’s racked up in the last three days seems to indicate that I’m not alone.  Hilarious.

Oliver wakes up with every emotion

Little baby Oliver wakes up with every single emotion.  The video has garnered over 1 million views this week.


These days, our Friday Morning Laughs wouldn’t be complete without a little bit o’ Gangnam Style.  This son choreographed a dance with his awesome mom.  He writes, “This is the first thing I have ever taught my mom.  She is 60 and has some serious natural talent.  So… thank you PSY for bringing me and my mom together through your awesome music haha.”

The Oregon Duck – Gangnam Style Parody

The University of Oregon also went viral Gangnam Style this week, thanks to their mascot, The Oregon Duck’s portrayal of the song.  The video has been viewed nearly three million times.  Looking for more PSY?  Check out our list of 15 Gangnam Style parodies, mashups, covers and more.

BONUS: Be Water My Friend! Bruce Lee Remix

Finally, we wanted to share the latest from melodysheep, an awesome and inspirational Bruce Lee Remix.  Be water, my friend…and have a great weekend!

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