Friday Morning Laughs – First World Problems & A Metal Head Baby

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Happy Friday, folks!  It’s the end of the week and the beginning of a new month and we’ve got a great selection of funny videos to put a smile on your face as you head into the weekend, and to the month of July.  This week our Friday Morning Laughs includes an awesome video about how to avoid getting hit by a train, a rap about first world problems, female armor, a metal head baby and a funny news blooper.  So grab that coffee, take a seat, and get ready to laugh!

How to avoid getting hit by a train

This amazing video has racked up a whopping 2.2 million views in a week.  It has a surprise ending, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, so just watch it below.

The First World Problems Rap

Here’s a hilarious rap about “First World” problems.  Zach Katz raps about how annoying it is when you can’t find the right lid for the Tupperware, when you can’t hear because your maid is vacuuming, and when your hot water runs out after you’ve “only” been in the shower for half an hour.

Female Armor Sucks

A new sketch from points out just how sexist female armor is.

Metal Head Baby – Pantera – FN Hostile

This video of a baby rocking out to Pantera has gone viral this week, garnering 430,000 views in three days.

Anchor Cracks Up At Fart Story

Passing gas is a fact of life.  And another fact of life is that everyone thinks it’s hilarious.  Even news anchors.

BONUS: Sam B, 32 ~ America’s Got Talent 2011, New York Auditions

Finally, we couldn’t help but share this great video from America’s Got Talent.  Sam B loves to dance!  Don’t you wish you had moves like him?

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