French Jewish Students Union Takes Twitter to Court Over Antisemitic Tweets

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, hate speech, free speech, agoodjewThe French Jewish Students Union, UEJF, has inititated legal proceedings against Twitter, demanding that the company disclose the identities of account holders who posted antisemitic tweets with the hashtag #unbonjuif (a good Jew), according to an AFP report posted on the group’s website.

The case also asks the court to order Twitter to develop a means of reporting illegal content. The tweets, which included such things as “A good Jew is a dead Jew,” were illegal under French law. They were reported to Twitter by the UEJF. The company responded by shutting down approximately 60 accounts.

“We are not the Web police. The digital players must take responsibility. Twitter can be a place of outlawed expression. Mass dissemination of racist and anti-Semitic ideas through the organs of public information can lead to murders,” Jonathan Hayoun, the UEFJ president, said in a previous statement.

According to the report, a hearing will take place in Paris on January 8.