Foursquare Adds Privacy Option with Home Address

By Kenna McHugh 

Even though it is not official yet, with a formal announcement later this week, Foursquare will be introducing a new privacy option to help prevent users from unknowingly share home addresses with complete strangers.

About Foursquare was first to report the new update for the location-sharing service, which allows any user to elect a Foursquare location as a private residence. The user just has to select “Home” as the primary category for the venue.

By selecting “Home” the actual address will be kept hush-hush for only the user and his or her friends to know about the private location. Of course, the user can edit the venue or delete it altogether.

A Foursquare user can also flag a venue as her home and removed it, whether she create it or not. Foursquare’s support site offers some valid tips like “Go to the venue page on the website and click ‘Report a Problem’ for a list of flagging options. Select ‘Venue is my home’ and choose the best description,” the site instructs.

Another report from About Foursquare is that Foursquare is updating venues with the proper “Home” category should they appear in regards to the members’ home addresses. I am sure members are happy to hear they will have the new home privacy options. I am curious as to how many will actually use it.