Firefox Embeds "Share" Button for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail

By Jorge Cino Comment

Remember when two days ago a new Facebook-centered browser was released in beta version? Well, Firefox has now unveiled F1, a nifty browser extension that allows you to forward any link you’re viewing directly into your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail.

At the beginning of the year we had already discussed the eight most useful Firefox plug-ins for Facebook users. You can now add F1 to the list. Just like any website or blog, Firefox lets you “share” content directly onto your personal email or profile page, only that this time the “Share” button is directly embedded in your browser. If you stumble upon a cool link, F1 directly posts the URL with a screenshot and description right into your wall.

I installed this plugin (which you can download here), and must tell you it’s pretty great. It basically lets you customize your FB status update or Twitter message around what you want to share, so you’re not losing the personal touch by using the add-on. If I didn’t love Chrome so much, I’d go back to Firefox in a heartbeat for this.

Check the video demonstration: Mozilla Labs F1 on Vimeo.