How To Find Facebook Friendship Pages

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Have you been looking for Facebook’s new friendship pages but can’t find them? Facebook has been rolling the service out to users, however many people have yet to figure out how to view them. Here’s how.

Profile Link Method
As the picture below illustrates, there are two core ways to view Facebook friendship pages. The first is on the left hand side of one of your friends’ profiles. Underneath your friends’ profile pictures there may be a link which says “View You and [Friend’s Name]”. Click on that link and you’ll end up at the friendship page of you and that individual. Unfortunately, not all of your friends’ profiles will have a link there to access the friendship page.

Frank Friendship

Feed Link Method
That’s where the second method comes in handy. I’ve found plenty of profiles where the first method doesn’t work. If that happens to you, click on “Filters” on the right hand side of the friend’s profile (at the top of the feed and directly below the publisher). After you click on “Filters”, you should be able to see a link which says “Friendship Page”. If that method doesn’t work, there is one last method which is fairly technical.

Technical Method
All you need to know is the URL formatting for friendship pages. Facebook has developed the following URL format:[User ID or Username #1]?and=[User ID or Username #2]

A sample page for me, between my sister and I would be In this example, I’ve used the usernames of both of us. However you can also substitute user IDs, something which is more challenging to find. Feel free to post in the comments if this still doesn’t work for you!