Facebook's Technology Can Be Yours Too

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Today’s announcement of the Open Compute project has spawned a half a dozen new hardware products released by participating hardware companies.

The open-source architecture has also captured the interest of companies such as Fidelity Investments, which runs a large data center that could benefit from the efficiencies of the Open Compute architecture. That’s what George Brady, executive vice president of technology at the mutual fund company, said to me as we waited in line for lunch.

Companies like Fidelity can now go to the participating Open Computer vendors and ask for the same exact technologies that Facebook runs in its data center.

The one-stop-shopping option: Synnex, based in Fremont, California, integrated all of the pieces of the data center together.

The server hardware itself comes from Dell. The motherboards inside these servers, along with the chassis or outer encasement of the hardware, were designed by Quanta, which is based in Taiwan.

There are actually two motherboards, one containing Intel chips and the other containing ones made by Advanced Micro Devices. Combining these two competing vendors’ wares in a single piece of hardware is certainly a novelty, as their respective microprocessors tend to process data in very different ways.

The power supply and management technologies come from two different vendors, Power One and Delta Electronics.

Readers, do you covet the kind of technology that Facebook uses?