Facebook's Most Viral Topic Is 'Harry Potter' Premiere

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook status updates, wall posts and comments referring to tonight’s midnight premiere of Harry Potter are going up at a rate of about once every second as of this writing.

Some posters clearly have tickets to attend tonight’s screening and these status updates show the most creativity and enthusiasm about the movie premiere. A lot of these posts went up earlier in the day — have these folks left their computers and gotten in line already?

We’re seeing a larger proportion of posts right now from people asking each other who else is going to see the movie. These posters appear to be a mix of those who’ve bought tickets ahead of time and those who might find themselves having to attend a showing tomorrow.

Mixed in with this is some social commentary. People are speculating about how early the lines in front of theaters will begin — that is, ticketholders queuing up for the best seats in the house. Then there are the folks posting that they think it’s funny that so many status updates refer to Harry Potter today.

Readers, what are your friends posting about Harry Potter on Facebook?