New IPhone App Adds Facebook Friends Via Bluetooth

By David Cohen Comment

Bluetooth has countless uses, and adding Facebook friends just joined that list thanks to AddFriend, a new iPhone application from Instant Friend.

AddFriend allows users to add each other as Facebook friends simply by opening the app and tapping the add button, and the app automatically activates Bluetooth and uses it to share data.

The app also works offline, adding the necessary information into a history file, which can be accessed when the user is back online.

AddFriend posts on users’ Facebook walls when they activate the app or use it to add friends, but users have the option of deleting posts or revoking the app’s publishing rights.

The app can also be used to high-five friends on Facebook by allowing them to check in with friends and posting to Facebook about it.

Instant Friend said in the app description on iTunes:

When two people meet in physical life, they don’t share phone numbers or emails anymore: They share their names to become friends on Facebook (on the go or when they come back home). We live in an era of “instantaneousness.” We don’t accept lag.

Readers: Would you find an app like AddFriend to be useful?