42% Mobile Users Share Multimedia Via Facebook

By Jackie Cohen 

A survey of Myxer’s 1,022 mobile users found that 42 percent of respondents use Facebook to share content on handheld devices, using it more frequently than text messaging. 

Facebook also dominates sharing from desktop computers, as 58 percent use the social network to share images and video, dwarfing even email, which 17 percent of respondents use for passing on multimedia content.

Somewhat surprisingly, Google Plus ranks as the second-most used social network for sharing content from a mobile device, accounting for 10 percent. (Then again, the number three most popular social network, Pinterest, doesn’t support audio and the number two social network, Twitter, only allows 140 characters per post.)

One might expect that the popularity of sharing via Facebook would correspond to a preference for listening to music online, but guess again. Internet radio has yet to kill off the CD, at least according to the Myxer survey, which found that 26 percent of respondents rated this form of play their favorite. Internet radio had 17 percent, and old-fashioned broadcast had 16 percent.

Not surprisingly, those between the ages of 13 and 17 shared the most content from mobile devices. Among this group, roughly two out of every three share with friends, while only about one in five share with family. People age 18 to 34 also share with friends more than with family, but people 35 and up share equally with both friends and family.

Andrew Coury, marketing and customer analytics manager at Myxer, summed up the interesting aspects of this report:

What’s interesting here is that everyone wrote off Google Plus but as a mobile-social sharing platform, nobody should count it out. As the interaction between mobile and social grows deeper, these insights are informative to advertisers in the mobile space.