Facebook Veteran Aditya Agarwal Leaves Company

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Aditya AgarwalAditya Agarwal, Director of Engineering at Facebook, announced that Friday will be his last day at Facebook via a blog post on his profile earlier this week.

Aditya has been at the company for five and a half years, a very long time to serve at any startup. While Aditya didn’t announce his future plans via his post, there’s no doubt that he’ll move on to something exciting. Aditya has worked on Facebook newsfeed, search, ads, user commerce and services infrastructure. Aditya joined Facebook along with, now wife, Ruchi Sangvi. Given that Aditya has been at Facebook for so long he has most definitely had the opportunity to cash out some of his stock and will have plenty of options moving forward.

Aditya wrote in his post:

I came to work at Facebook after a 15 minute chat with Zuck and JRo in an office over a Chinese Restaurant that had faces painted on the wall. Looking back, I am extremely grateful for having been given the opportunity to be part of something lasting and great. Something that transcends being just a website and is a step change in how people regard their interactions with technology. I am grateful for getting the chance to work with an amazing set of individuals, people who intrinsically know how to win, are never tied down by constraints and whom I learn from on a daily basis. Most of all, I am grateful to have had the chance to help shape a culture and team that can still own Lockdown, just like we did during the first Ubersearch lockdown 5 years ago.