Facebook Upgrades Requests API, Not Much More Viral

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Bookmark Notifications IconIn what appears to be more of a technical modification then a structural change, Facebook has upgraded its requests API for developers building on the platform.

As the post by Jared Morgenstern highlights, “Instead of manually managing the bookmark count using the incrementCount and decrementCount APIs, we’re unifying our APIs so the count represents the number of all outstanding requests.” Developers will have the ability to make the shift to this revised API by toggling the setting “upgrade to requests 2.0” to “enabled” within the developer app settings area.

There are still two primary channels for requests: bookmarks and the dashboards (for apps and games). Those two channels have served as the primary ares for application reengagement over the past few months. This announcement does not include any modifications to the primary communication channels (found here). Facebook has brought back a simplified notifications channel, and I’m sure developers all wish for an expansion of that testing as the notifications channel served as a massive channel for new user acquisition and reengagement in the past.

It will be interesting to see how the platform evolves in that regard, but for the time being, developers can use a much more simplified requests system. For more details about the requests upgrade, go check out the announcement on “requests 2.0.”