Facebook Updates Advertising Terms, Displaying User Data Will Require Explicit Authorization

By Nick O'Neill Comment

-Updated Ad Guidelines-Facebook posted their updated advertising terms last night and ultimately nothing was really that surprising. As far as I can tell, the only addition to the terms was around data and privacy. As previously was the case, developers cannot give any data received from Facebook to any third party. Additionally advertisements that include user data “such as users’ names or profile pictures” will require explicit authorization from Facebook.

So what does that mean? It could mean that many of the ad networks that currently exist on the platform and have good relationships with Facebook could continue to display user information. The only question is how they’re receiving user information. Many networks and applications are still sending data between each other but as of August 3rd all apps and ad networks will need to be in compliance or face being shut down.

For those that are curious, here are the most important components of the updated ad guidelines:

6. Data and Privacy
     a. You may not give data you receive from us to any third party, including ad networks.
     b. Unless authorized by us, your ads may not display user data — such as users’ names or profile photos —
     whether that data was obtained from Facebook or otherwise.
     c. You may not use user data you receive from us or collect through running an ad, including information you
     derive from your targeting criteria, for any purpose off of Facebook, without user consent.

It will be interesting to see if there are any major changes on the platform after August 3rd.