Facebook Timeline Removal Vendors Squabble

By David Cohen 

The developer of browser extension Timeline Remove accused Exoot Systems, developer of similar browser plugin Facebook Timeline Remover, of copying the former’s code, which the latter denied.

Timeline Remove and Facebook Timeline Remover accomplish the same basic task: Both plugins allow Facebook users to view their profiles in the old layout, rather than timeline.

The developer of Timeline Remove sent us the following email, along with the graphic below:

The way this new extension works is very similar to Timeline Remove, for which I own copyrights registered in Italy April 1, 2012.

I have already contacted Exoot about this. They copied my code with many similar parts and some identical coding.

I’ll probably sue Exoot because their actions are not correct and legal.

I’m asking you to edit and add to your post that this new extension is a copy of mine. I take on the responsibility of this. Otherwise I’ll proceed by legal terms against Exoot.

Exoot Public Relations Manager Andrew Pass responded, also via email:

The plugin was developed by one of our engineers as a hackathon project. We believe the codes are the same because this plugin uses an archived version of old Facebook’s CSS, instead of the new one with some JavaScript pre-processing on the client side, so basically, it’s just a matter of styling the HTML.

Unless we get a Digital Millennium Copyright Act order from Facebook for reusing its CSS, we’re not removing the plugin from our site. No one else has any rights on this other than Facebook, and it’s impossible to get copyrights for the software, which literally hijacks other sites’ codes and tweaks.

We would appreciate if you give us the credibility for this project, but we do not take any responsibility for it, as it’s literally an unofficial patch to a copyrighted platform.

Readers: Which developer do you think is right in this dispute, or is it a tie?