Catbook And Dogbook Get Facebook Timeline Too

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Some might call it the cat’s meow, while others will find it more like a dog’s bite, but the profiles in Catbook and Dogbook now have timeline designs.

It’s possible this upgrade coincided with the availability of timeline for pages, but that’s only a guess on our part, as we hadn’t checked this application in at least a month.

Along with the timeline upgrade, Catbook and Dogbook now have a new form of sponsorship.

Sponsorship messages show up in posts that go out to news feeds, assuming you don’t uncheck the box that asks you whether you want saved changes and other actions to publish for your friends to see.

While these messages seem like a convenient way to monetize Catbook and Dogbook, the presence of the sponsorship in posts might make users think twice about whether to share activity on walls and news feeds. That in turn would limit the virality of these apps.

Readers, would the appearance of a sponsor message in a post about Catbook or Dogbook deter you from sharing your activity on your wall and news feeds?