Facebook Will Let Users Know If Ads Were Targeted

By Justin Lafferty 

As Facebook rolls out more and more advertising options, the backlash from users about ad targeting has grown. Facebook aims to solve that, according to AdAge, by showing users a logo on targeted ads served through Facebook Exchange (FBX). However, the logo will only be shown when users mouses over the gray “X” in the corner of the ad, usually used to hide it.

AdAge reported Monday that Facebook will start notifying users if they’ve been served targeted ads. Facebook’s AdChoices logo will appear with targeted ads served through FBX. But it won’t be plainly evident. When users mouse over the grey “X” in the top corner of ads in the right-hand rail, they will see the logo. This will only be on desktop FBX ads, since FBX does not yet operate on mobile.

Brian Boland, Facebook’s director of product marketing, wrote a statement about this for AdAge:

We have always given our users the ability to provide feedback on and control the ads they see on Facebook, by hiding, reporting, or clicking through to learn more about why particular ads are being served. Giving advertisers the ability to implement the AdChoices icon provides another option; another mechanism of control.

This is Facebook’s way of complying with the Federal Trade Commission’s rules that ads must be marked somehow if they have been behaviorally targeted, but not everyone feels that this is clear enough.

AdAge says that this mouse-over logo should be rolled out on FBX ads by the end of March.

Readers: Do you feel this is enough of a notification?

Ad image courtesy of Inside Facebook.