Facebook Studio Edge Rolled Out To Select Group Of Agencies

By David Cohen 

First announced in mid-June, social learning and recognition program Facebook Studio Edge was made available Wednesday to a select group of agencies.

Built in conjunction with Facebook Studio, which highlights agencies and marketers on the social network, Facebook Studio Edge offers 10- to 15-minute self-guided courses on topics relevant to applications, pages, and ads.

Users who complete courses earn recognition badges that they can display alongside their case study submissions.

Facebook said of the launch:

At launch, Facebook Studio Edge will be available to agencies that are part of the major holding companies and select independent agencies, and we’ll be granting more access on a rolling basis to ensure that the program rolls out smoothly and incorporates user feedback. Also, anyone can request an invitation through the site by going here.

When Facebook Studio Edge was first announced in June, Global Director of Creative Solutions Mark D’Arcy said on the Facebook Studio page:

The more Facebook can listen to the agency community and arm them with more information on the latest our platform has to offer, the more creativity we will see come to Facebook.

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